Positive Thinking Strategies for a Healthier Outlook

Great things are done by series a of small things brought together — Vincent Van Gogh

In our Healthy living section we have presented the Six Essentials for Life – What you eat and drink, how your rest and exercise, and how you breathe and think.

Overriding all the great decisions we make in eat, drink, rest, breathe, and exercise is the way we think. Positive emotions, feelings, and beliefs lead to health, happiness, and success. But negative emotions and feelings such as low self-esteem, anger, fear, rage, and worry have a devastating effect. You don’t even have to know the negative stuff is at play; It can be working deep in your subconscious.

Treatments like B.E.S.T. practiced at Hygiea Health seek out these subconscious memories and eliminate then. However we must work to create positive emotions and feelings.

The daily affirmation and Morter March work towards creating and maintaining positive emotions and feelings.

Create your dream life! Begin with the question “if there were no rules and I could not fail, what would my life be like? Next, what would you have to be like to have the life of your dreams? From this create a list of goals. Include time frames for them. You are allowed to change them as often as you wish. Meditate on them. Place them on a dream board. See them as they exist now. Look at them frequently during the day. Use the law of attraction. Use ‘I am’ statements and take your goals from dreams to reality.

Here is an article paraphrased by Zdravko Lukovski with some positive thinking exercises and tips.