What Beverages Are Safe and Healthy to Drink

Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine — Slovakian proverb

Most diseases can be explained on the basis of dehydration. Here’s a formulas to calculate your daily water needs.

  1. Your total body weight (pounds) times 0.85 example 160 X .85 = 136
  2. Divide by 2 = daily # of ounces example 136 /2 = 68 ounces
  3. Total ounces divided by 8 = glasses per day example 68 /8 = 8.5 glasses per day

It is best to drink your water between meals. Limit your intake of fluid with a meal to 4 oz. (1/2 glass).Drinking too much liquid with a meal dilutes the digestive enzymes.

Choose bottled, distilled or reverse-osmosis water and avoid tap water. Store water in glass containers or only plastic bottles with the following designation: polycarbonate, #5PP, #2HDPE, or #4LDPE. Add a pinch of Himalayan, Celtic or Hawaiian Red salt or a few drops of fresh citrus juice to water to energize it.

Distilled water removes the most toxins and chemicals but also removes minerals. Therefore it is important to add minerals back into the distilled water. We use Concentrace liquid minerals. It is easy to find at health food stores and online. I add 20 drops of the minerals to a gallon of water.

Other beverages may include fresh vegetable juices, fermented beverages such as Kombucha or Kvass, coconut water, organic coffee (limit to 2 cups), organic herbal tea, raw milk and kefir, and homemade almond milk.  Dilute fresh fruit juice with 50% water. Avoid fruit drinks and juices with added sugar, preservatives, corn syrup or artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, NutraSweet, Sweet N’ Low or Splenda.  Consider the purchase of a juicer.

Avoid all soda and especially those with artificial sweeteners. Fruit juices are forbidden because of their high fructose content and dumping of sugar into the blood

If you enjoy wine or beer, there are some guidelines. First, drink only with meals. Red wine has less sugar and has more of the beneficial polyphenols than white wines. For Beer, local craft beer is the best choice. Most of the good foreign beer is actually brewed and contains far more nutrients than the pasteurized chemicals called beer made by the large commercial breweries in the United States. Trader Joe’s usually has a good selection. Less is better. Because coffee and alcohol force you to lose water, you’ll have to drink more water to compensate.

Distilled spirits such as Tequila, Vodka, Gin, Scotch and other Whiskies should be minimized. Vodka has the lowest toxicity and Gin has the most.

Steaming and boiling food

Please use distilled, reverse osmosis or purified water to cook in. The chemicals in tap water will steam or boil into your food – very toxic!!

Showers and Baths

Shower and bath water is the same as tap water. The chemicals in this water are detrimental to health. You are subjected to the same amount of chlorine in a 10 minute hot shower as drinking 8 glasses of chlorinated water. I don’t want to drink it and I don’t want to bathe in it.

We recommend Rainshow’r products including the New Century and CQ-1000 shower filters and the Crystal bath ball. They will remove the chlorine and are very affordable.