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Sherman Oaks Natural Medicine and Holistic Care

Sherman Oaks chiropractor Dr. Robert Alan Schwartz focuses on providing natural medicine and holistic care at Hygiea Health and Wellness. Our mission is to provide natural treatments, guidance and support that contribute to optimum physical and emotional health. Dr. Schwartz is a B.E.S.T. chiropractor and an Elite Master with over 23 years of experience providing custom health and healing programs. Our health programs are founded in the 6 Sherman Oaks chiropractor uses natural medicine approach to healingessentials for life as set out by Dr. Morter. The 6 essentials focus on what you eat and drink and how you exercise, rest, breathe and think. Dr. Schwartz's programs support these essentials through the use of B.E.S.T., NAET allergy elimination, sound wave therapy, cold laser therapy, KST ArthroStim adjustments, herbology and whole food supplements.

At our center, we focus less on traditional chiropractic care and more on other natural techniques for total health optimization. Our Sherman Oaks natural medicine approach gives the body a break from the steady stream of toxins and chemicals to which it is exposed through foods, environmental pollutants, and other sources. Health care, to us, is more than treating a car accident injury or ailments; it is helping to ensure the body and mind receive the proper care needed to function in the fullest capacity.

Moving Beyond Back Pain, Neck Pain, and Car Accident Injuries with Gentle, All-Natural Treatments

As an experienced Sherman Oaks chiropractor and B.E.S.T. practitioner, Dr. Schwartz focuses on both healing and vitalism. Vitalistic chiropractic care centers on the belief that when the body is balanced, it has the innate ability to regulate and heal itself. Back pain, neck pain, pinched nerves and other issues are caused by the neuro-spinal system storing physical, chemical and emotion stress. This stress can be caused by a car accident injury, sports or personal injury, chronic poor posture, and health conditions such as fibromyalgia and scoliosis. Through use of both the Koren Specific Technique (KST) and the ArthroStim adjusting instrument, Dr. Schwartz is able to thoroughly examine and determine your exact cause of discomfort and provide a gentle adjustment for longer lasting and more extensive relief than from traditional manual adjustments.

Sherman Oaks chiropractic care and nutrition focus on vitalityOur KST ArthroStim chiropractic treatments for a car accident injury or misalignment are one aspect of our practice, but we also offer myriad services that empower the body to heal itself. Nutrition is a major key to keeping the body in working order, ensuring the body receives the nutrients and calories it needs to function properly. Dr. Schwartz offers nutrition counseling that is based in herbology and whole food supplements. By examining what you eat and drink, and how you exercise, rest, breathe and think, Dr. Schwartz is able to help patients experience weight loss and reach overall wellness and health goals.

At Hygiea Health & Wellness, natural medicine is our core focus. As a B.E.S.T. chiropractor focusing on the 6 essentials for life, Dr. Schwartz can help you experience true vitality by bringing balance to your body.

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